Smart-Contract Address:TWehXUMJfpLduYrsqdhhvnMQwBzHKPrmSv
TronApex Tron Blockchain investment platform Verified & Audited Smart Contract Investment Platform.
TronApex isn’t run by a human, CEO, or company — it runs exclusively on a blockchain. Once it’s uploaded, no individual or company can edit the platform. That means it’s made entirely for the people, and no CEO or company has any control over the funds and distribution.
Long Term Project Decentralized, community-based
Top Grade Security The Safest Investment Company
1.00% Current Daily
Current Daily Profit:
1.00 %
  • +0.04% bonus for every 100 investors on platform
  • Maximal Hold Bonus 2%
  • Maximal Active User Bonus ∞%
  • Maximal Incentive Bonus 1%
Current platform balance in TRX:

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What TRX personal wallets to use?
You can use two types of wallets:
Browser extensions. For example TronLink / TronPay. Just install extension on your favorite browser and create a personal wallet address.
Mobile crypto wallets. You can use any personal crypto wallet, which supports TRX cryptocurrency and «TRON dapps» technology, for example: TronWallet, Banko and others.
Referral Pool
TronApex has a referral pool. From each investment 1% goes to referral pool. When the pool reach 100,000 TRX it has been drawn and top 10 referrals receive their prize from referral pool
1 Cycle:
   /   100,000 TRX
Total in pool
Referral pool will be distributed when it reaches 100,000 TRX
Referral pool top counts only your first level referral investments
Top 10 place rewards
  • 11st place30,000 TRX
  • 22nd place20,000 TRX
  • 33rd place15,000 TRX
  • 44th place8,000 TRX
  • 55th place7,000 TRX
  • 66th place6,000 TRX
  • 77th place5,000 TRX
  • 88th place4,000 TRX
  • 99th place3,000 TRX
  • 1010th place2,000 TRX
Current Top 10
Investment Conditions
The TronApex platform has been designed for optimal stability and profitability. Anti-Whale system and other limits prevents contract from short life span.
1.00% Basic Daily
100 TRXMinimum Deposit
1,000,000 TRXMaximum Deposit
1.00% Basic Daily
+0.5% (Per 10 days)
Personal Hold-Bonus
Max 2%
Without Withdrawal
every 10 days without withdrawal you will get 0.5% hold bonus (Max 2%)
+0% / 1.0%
Incentive Bonus
0.04% (per 100 active participants)
Active User Bonus
Only for users who haven't made withdrawal before reaching 320%
100 TRXMinimum Deposit
1,000,000 TRXMaximum Deposit
50,000 / >250,000 TRX
Users who made deposits of more than 250,000 TRX can withdraw only 50,000 TRX per 24 hours.
100,000 / >500,000 TRX
Users who made deposits of more than 500,000 TRX can withdraw only 100,000 TRX per 24 hours.
If you have more money on panel, the rest of profit will be returned to panel and you can withdraw after 24 hours.
Total Profit: 320%(Deposit Included)
Earnings in realtime All earnings all real-time
Withdraw limit You need at least 1 active referral to make withdrawal. Investors can withdraw once per 24 hours
5% / 2% / 0.5% / 0.5%
Referral commissions in 4 levels
Personal Incentive Bonus
The platform has been designed for optimal profitability. When you reach 50,000 TRX of your referral investments you receive extra 1% for daily profit
0.05 % Referral Invested
1,000 - 5,000 TRX
0.10 % Referral Invested
5,000 - 10,000 TRX
0.50 % Referral Invested
10,000 - 20,000 TRX
0.75 % Referral Invested
20,000 - 50,000 TRX
1.00 % Referral Invested
50,000 + TRX
We reserve 80% of the main balance for user payouts. The rest is carefully distributed to keep running and be successful. We distribute 8% for advertisements in carefully chosen websites that ensure becomes a recognized name in the industry; 8% for referrals to increase our user base; 3% to cover our administrative costs, such as hosting, security, etc; 1% of the balance as referral pool
80% Main Smart Contract Balance for Payouts
8% Referral Commissions
8% For Advertisers
3% Administration Fees
1% Referral Pool
Reviews and mentionings
Audited by SmartAudit
Our platform is 100% made to serve investors. Our smart contract is built after careful study of pitfalls experienced by other smart contracts to ensure the longevity of our platform. As a user, you should not be worried about infiltration by whales who ruin the earning opportunities of new users. TronApex is a platform built for everyone to earn.
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